Ninjafy Your E-commerce Sales With Email Marketing

Without a shadow of a doubt if you're running an e-commerce business the lowest hanging fruit for highly fueled growth is email marketing.

If you're looking for an extra 15-45% in revenue then this may well be the most important page you'll visit today.

Decimate your competition and future proof your business all without spending an extra dime on advertising.

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There aren't many guarantees in life, however working with us is one of them. We remove the risk entirely for you by agreeing to generate an ROI that fits your business metrics or we work with you until those numbers are achieved. Instead of just simply giving you a refund, we want to leave no stone un-turned in getting email working for you. We have a 100% success rate across the board simply because we do things very differently, unorthodox in fact. Our fundamental belief is that:

Email Copy > Email Design

This is the foundation for our 3 pronged Ninja Growth Framework that routinely adds 15-45% to the revenue of brands just like yours.

Full Flow Automation

The pre and post purchase flows are what silently pick up sales based on the behavior of your subscribers. Once set up and optimized, these are the closest thing to printing money you'll find in your business.

Campaign Domination

Got a new product coming out? Black Friday round the corner? This is where a well planned and structured campaign/promo comes in.  When properly executed these can account for 15-20% of total revenue alone.

Content Matrix

So someone has bought your product, now what? Well how can they best use it? How about featuring a loyal customer that's constantly raving about your products? This is the content matrix, and it plays a crucial role in building loyal and life-long customers.

Let the results speak for themselves...

518% Increase in Email Revenue

This client only had a cart abandonment sequence in place in the form of a Klaviyo standard template. After we came in and revolutionized their current flow as well as adding in a bunch of others alongside a few campaigns, in just 30 days we were able to 5X their email revenue. As a by-product we also increased their returning customer rate by 74% and AOV went up by 23%. Not bad eh?

£44,625 in Extra Sales

This particular client had a very basic cart abandonment flow plus a voucher redemption flow for one of their products when we first met. In just 30 days we came in and transformed their existing efforts into an extra 22% in sales, whilst driving 4X more repeat purchases and a ton of extra profit. The client wasn't too displeased with these results to say the least. 

Why Email?

You own the data. Your email list is the single biggest asset you own in your business, and when deployed with a solid strategy will become the most reliable revenue channel you have.
It's the best way to increase lifetime value of your customers. Instead of only looking at the first front end sale, email constantly drives repeat purchases which increases your profit without any extra ad spend. 
Recover piles of hidden cash with targeted lead capture forms from otherwise lost traffic.

Hi, I'm Ash Mondair

I'm the founder, CEO and director of ninja strategy here.

Over the last couple of years I've had the pleasure of helping a number of brands monetize their email lists to the point where they've added an extra 15-45% to their bottom line whilst relying less on unpredictable paid ad platforms.

The biggest problem I've seen is that they pour money into ads, which wouldn't be so bad if they leveraged their back-end email automation, but they simply don't or they do it in the wrong way.

So what then happens is either they have a goldmine sitting their gathering dust, or a bunch of annoyed customers.

Neither are good!

And that's precisely why I founded Ninja Flame Media, a new-age agency that specializes in helping e-commerce companies grow and scale with email marketing.

We're on a mission to help our clients grow their revenue (and profit) without constantly running flash sales or burning through their list.

And we'd like to help you, too.

Why We're Different 

Our ninja power here is writing automation and campaign sequences that revolutionize profitability and scale brands to 7 & 8 figures on autopilot. 

Our vetting process is vigorous, and for one big reason: We only take on brands we know we can generate a substantial ROI for.

The work we do for each client is so bespoke and unique you won't find "templates" or "plug n play" scripts for any of our emails. You get the best results when your brand voice, style and humor combine, and that cannot simply be achieved with fill in the blank emails.

We're a team that's 100% results and client focused, and everything we do is designed to help you earn as much money as possible from your email list... whilst giving your customers such a profound experience they keep coming back for more.

In fact, our goal, should we decide to work together is to help you add an extra 15-45% in revenue per month to your bottom line virtually hands free.

Here's How We Can Help You 

Flows & Automation

Want to pick up lost sales without lifting a finger? Sit back and let us do the research, develop the strategy and write the copy for every sequence. We'll also track the data and optimize each flow so that we're pulling in maximum lost revenue.

Outsource Everything

Our superpower is taking over every aspect of clients accounts and growing them using our 3 pronged growth framework (seen at the top of the page). Explode your email revenue hands free and give your complete focus to other areas of your business.

Coaching & Consulting

We can train & educate you (or your entire team) to leverage email in your company so that it's a profit pulling machine 24/7 365. Never pay agency fees again, and watch your team flourish into email ninjas practically overnight.

Here's Who We Can Help 

As much as we'd like to, we simply can't help every e-commerce store out there. Unless, of course, they meet the points below at a minimum.

Brands that have an email list

This is pretty obvious we hope. Size isn't everything here, quality is much more important but we need some sort of foundation to build from. Make sense?

Brands that have a strong product/market fit i.e people love & buy your products 

We don't build businesses, we take winning foundations and scale them. You need to be making money, ideally at a $15k/mo minimum. Note: We NEVER work with companies that sell subpar products. Sound fair?

Brands that have chilled owners

We're pretty easy going and we like to work with people who are too. We value the relationships we build with clients and like to have fun along the way. Work is too often made serious, and life is too short not to enjoy every moment. So if you're cool, we're cool?

Here's What To Do Now 

Want to find out how much money you could be making with your email marketing?

If you'd like to speak to us to see if we can help plot your plan of attack to dominating email marketing this year then click the button below.

We don't have an open calendar, we like to get to know a bit about you first so that we're not wasting either of our times. With that in mind you'll find a short questionnaire when you click below.

If it looks like we might be a good fit, we'll reach out and schedule a call with you to tell you a bit more about how we can help.

Click the button below and apply today:

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