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Nurture, convert and retain more customers by understanding your data and leveraging Email, SMS & Direct Mail.

Our Clients


"PRESS has worked with Ninja Flame for almost two years and in that time they helped us increase 60D LTV by 46% and our 1st to 2nd purchase reorder rate by 48%. We can highly recommend them as a retention partner for anyone looking to drive incremental growth through retention channels."

Adam Stankiewicz

Head of Growth @press_healthfoods

Retention is much deeper than just Email & SMS

When you hear the word "Retention" most people think of Email & SMS. The truth is, these tactics are simply the tip of the iceberg. 

Underneath, there are multiple factors influencing your ability to retain customers. Your products and the category you sell in hold the most weight, yet the trap a lot of brands fall into is blasting a bunch of email campaigns that mostly attribute sales on a last-click basis and then claim "retention is working".

If you've been sucked into all the retention apps & widgets that do nothing more than increase your expenditure on software subscriptions, then it's time to deploy a strategy that actually improves your retention metrics from the ground up. 

Our Ninja Process

Phase 1: Retention Roadmap
Timeframe: 2-3 weeks

Retention Roadmap

The retention roadmap is our signature process we take every brand through before we start building out any retention initiatives. We dive into the data and identify the segments of opportunity and the bottlenecks in your retention program FIRST. We'll then lay this out for you in a custom strategy for either us or your team to deploy over the next 6 months.

Phase 2: Dissect & Build Retention Systems
Time Frame: Months 1 - 3

Retention Systems

Armed with your Retention Roadmap, this is where the rubber meets the road. If you opt for us to deploy the strategy, we build out the retention systems to drive incremental sales. We'll also seek to gather insights from internal sources and provide all data backed learnings across your team to further enhance our retention efforts.

Phase 3: Optimise & Scale Retention Systems
Time Frame: Ongoing

Retention Growth

This is where we keep the good going, and make chnages if needed. As your brand develops, so will the need to continually understand your customers. An ongoing partnership with us ensures that your retention systems nurture your customers at each point in their journey with you, helping you acquire brand loyalists and achieve predictable growth.

Acquisition fuels Retention, it doesn't replace it

Speak to any modern day email marketing agency and you'll hear things like "growth through retention" or "a retained customer is worth more than a new customer". When in reality, there is no retention without acquisition.

In any given day you will acquire new customers, customers that are purchasing for a second time, customers that haven't been back for a while, and customers that have left and will never return. Acquisition fuels retention, it doesn't replace it. 

Here's the thing - retention is an ecosystem and not just a channel (Email & SMS). Customers are NOT created equal. Which is why treating your existing customers as a monilith where they all receive the same message, cadence and offer, is a surefire way to diminish value over the longer term.

We help identify your most valuable customers with a combination of cohort analysis and predictive analytics so that you can understand who is most likely to return, and attract more customers with similar attributes.

Hi, I'm Ash Mondair

I'm the founder, CEO and director of ninja strategy here at Ninja Flame Media.

Over the last few years I've had the pleasure of helping a number of brands uncover growth in uncoventional ways.

Instead of blasting more money on ads or rinising their exisiting customer base through "Retention Hacks", I help them analyse their own data and understand the behaviour of their customers 

The biggest problem I've seen is that there is almost always a big push on "rEtEnTiOn tAcTiCs" like email, SMS & loyalty programs but no real understanding of the customers they're trying to influence behind those tactics.

So what then happens is they end up wasting a ton of money on expensive SAAS subscriptions, and they rely on several last-click attribution tools that misrepresent the data and lead them down the wrong path.

Not good!

And that's precisely why I founded Ninja Flame Media, a new-age retention partner that helps ambitious brands understand that retention is much more than just spamming emails and texts. It's about understanding your customers needs, and providing them with the best possible experience with your brand.

We're on a mission to help our clients grow their brands (and profit) with growth they can feel good about.

And we'd like to help you, too (if you're a fit, find out here).

We do things a little differently around here

You won't find any "plug & play" templates or cookie cutter strategies around here, we only do bespoke work on a deep level, working with a handful of clients at a time in order to have the biggest impact. 

Because sure, you could hire a typical agency that will do nothing but send emails and tick boxes, but if you truly want to grow in a way that's sustainable, it starts with understanding your customers, not sending more emails.

The reason we don't jump straight into sending emails or building flows is because we need to understand the problems we're solving first. You may *think* you have a retention problem, but from being under the hood of a fair few brands, this isn't always the case.

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do here at Ninja Flame Media, and our goal is to help 1,000 purpose driven CPG brands in impacting lives through their products, increasing profit, and building lasting customer relationships.

How We Can Help

Retention Roadmapping

This is our signature service where we map out your entire customer journey through flows, product recommendations and full funnel marketing. You'll walk away with high performing pre and post purchase flows, as well as deep insights into how customers interact with your brand. This is typically for brands between £1m-£5m/yr.

Starts from £2,000 + VAT

Retention Management

Need all of your retention marketing taken care of and handled for you? We will optimise your campaign & flow strategy to extract maximum revenue whilst ruthlessly carrying out A/B tests to supercharge performance. We typically consult with brands doing between £5m-£10m/yr.

Starts from £5,500/mo

Retention Deep Dive

Need full stacked retention marketing deployed into your brand whilst leveraging your competitive edge? This is where we pull back all layers of your retention initatives and implement a strategy that nurtures each point in the customer lifecycle. We typically build these out for brands doing between £15m-£30+m/yr.

Starts from £12,500

Who We Can Help

We know that we do the best work and get the best results for brands that meet the following requirements.

Brands generating over 100k per month

We need to establish strong product market fit to ensure we're building on solid foundations, and we need sales data to validate our retention initatives. The higher the revenue, the more we have to work with.

Brands that have been in business for at least 4 years

To understand retention or what makes people come back, you need data that spans over multiple years. This is so you have a large enough customer base to make retention marketing worthwhile, and to track trends which will give greater insights into your customers. 

Brands that aren't afraid of change

In order to grow in today's environment you need to be adaptable, and as the saying goes, "do what you've always done and you'll always get the same result". Growth doesn't always come in ways that you expect, and focusing on what works for the customer will lead to much easier growth than dismissing a new idea because it doesn't feel on brand.

Brands that want to make a positive impact

Products have the ability to change people's lives and the world in a positive way, and so does the production and distribution of those products. This is one our fundemental beliefs, and we know we're doing impactful work when we partner with brands that align with these values too.

Ready for growth you can feel good about?

If you'd like to speak to us about your retention strategy or lack of, we implore you to book in a time for a quick chat. Here we'll get clarity on whether you actually need a retention overhaul, or your problems exist elsewhere.

It's pivotal that we establish a need before any work commences because we don't want to waste your time or ours by trying to solve problems that don't exist.

So when you're ready, click the button below and let's get the conversation started!


What is a Retention Roadmap?

This is our signature process that we take every brand through before any work commences. We map out your customer journey and the touchpoints in place when connecting with your brand. We then examine what's working, what's not, and where improvements can be made, laid out in a roadmap. It's imperitive that we start here with each brand we consider working with as it establishes a feel for the working relationship before any commitments are made, and it ensures we are working on areas that really need addressing first. 

Do we guarentee results?

Yes and no. Do we guarentee that we'll triple your business in the next 3 months? No, and anyone who does be wary of. What we do guarentee however, is that we'll continue to work towards the targets we set until an outcome is achieved. This is why we only take on a maximum of 1 client a month, to ensure we can apply ourselves fully to your brand at all times. This is why we're highly selective of who we work with, because we want to make sure we only work with clients that we're confident we can deliver for.

What does working with us look like?

We work, we learn, and we collabaorate with your team to impart knowledge whilst retaining ourselves accountable as Retention Partners in delivering results. Communication, just like in any relationship is KEY for us, so we'll make sure we're both continually on the same page when it comes to next steps and where we're heading.

What's the difference between an email marketing agency and a retention partner?

An email marketing agency is just that, an agency that churns out emails and reports on the results. The problem with a lot of them is they're incentivised by the number of emails they produce, and not the customers behind those numbers. So what ends up happening is, if perfomance in email falls, emails get ramped up, and your customers get alientated. Your email file then becomes a channel of diminishing returns.

A Retention Partner like us isn't incentivised by the number of emails we produce, we look at things such as % increase in 1st to 2nd purchase, LTV by cohort, and reductions in customer service tickets. In other words, we work to the KPIs behind the email figures that actually indicate success, and not just last-click sales data.

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